Four Benefits of Being an S.E.C. Member

(These are the reasons the Society has succeeded for over 50 years as the premiere real estate exchange organization in the country.)

Benefit #1: The Society of Exchange Counselors has a distinctive culture. The definition of culture is, “the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends on the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations.” For over fifty years the Society has fostered creative real estate principles at the highest level of transaction making. “Situations change but principles do not change.” The Society has installed as its guiding principle the notion that, “people are of primary importance in all transactions.” Richard Reno

Benefit #2: The dual value of counseling clients. The learned art of counseling clients is critically important in order to come to an understanding of the client’s investment objectives and their capacity to perform accordingly.

a) Counseling creates an understanding on the client/counselor’s behalf that enables the parties to work as a team to meet the client’s objective(s).

b) If the counselor determines, for whatever reason, that they cannot meet the client’s expectations, they can excuse themselves from the situation and recommend other avenues for the client to pursue, respecting all parties’ time and expertise. Charles Chatham

Benefit #3: The Society continually “builds human capital” in its members. The competitive edge of the Society’s counselors is the result of members of the Society continually building each other’s human capital. This is our most important endeavor! This is accomplished through continual and practical education, collaborative participation in exchange of groups, sharing of ideas and a deep respect for each counselor. In a sense, we are bound by the principles of family. Cliff Weaver

Benefit #4: The Society has a real estate marketing platform like no other! Based on the prior three benefits, each counselor takes his client’s situation and property to the EQUITY MARKETING PLATFORM, which is known as the Marketing Session. This client’s situation and property is presented to a group of counselors (50 to 90) who respectfully review the situation and jointly offer constructive suggestions that often result in closed transactions to the satisfaction of all parties. Jim Brondino

For Aspiring Real Estate Brokers Looking for a Better Way to Assist their Clients:
Are you tired of waiting for people to call you to buy properties you have listed? Would you like to know how to create transactions that bring benefits to your clients without having to wait for the perfect buyer to show up? Perhaps you should consider attending Society educational courses, to learn how Counselors create transactions that benefit their clients, and how to counsel your clients so that you can bring your clients benefits based upon your knowledge and skills.

For Real Estate Owners Who Need to Change their Current Situation:
Do you need to get the equity out of a property you own, or perhaps pay down some debt? Are you moving and you need to buy property in a new location? Is your current real estate not providing the benefits you hoped it would, or perhaps did in the past? Consider calling a Counselor from the Society to arrange a consultation regarding your situation. Our Counselors have had intense training and will generate benefits for you through your ownership and disposition of real estate. Our methods have been proven for over 50 years of successful business practices. We do things traditional brokers using the Multiple Listing Services are not trained to do. We understand that owning real estate is about owning a set of benefits for you, the client. From time to time your needs change, and your real estate ownership needs to change as well. We can help you to create transactions that will maximize your ownership benefits.

As the 2013 President of the Society, I firmly believe these four benefit statements and the ability to articulate them, to clients and interested parties, will grow and sustain our Society for many generations! As President, I will ensure that these BENEFITS remain foremost among the objectives of the governing body of the Society.

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