S.E.C. Ed Foundation News

The S.E.C. Education Foundation has continued its outreach program to assist regional groups by sending educators and moderators to various regions in North America. Two S.E.C. members, Ted Blank and Lance Warner, are traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the education and marketing session on December 10th and 11th. Ted will teach a counseling course, and Lance will assist with the moderating and marketing book preparation.

This year the S.E.C. Education Foundation awarded $2,500.00 in scholarships to deserving students who submitted applications for assistance with their college expenses.

The Ed Foundation “backstopped” several educational courses in venues around the country in an effort to provide education and ensure that the local groups would not lose money if the attendance was low.

The mission and emphasis for the Ed Foundation for 2013 are:


  • To Promote Education & Moderating;
  • To administer the charitable activities of the Farley Fund.


  • Obtaining CE Credit for classes;
  • Identifying partnership opportunities with other groups as sponsors or co-sponsors for both classes using SEC Instructors and marketing meetings using SEC Moderators;
  • Identifying educational institutions (colleges, universities and real estate schools) that may be willing to host or co-sponsor classes.

The Board of Directors for the S.E.C. Education Foundation for 2013 are as follow:

  • President – Leo Goseland
  • Treasurer – Wes Dingler
  • S.E.C. Education CHP – Peter West
  • S.E.C. Farley Fund CHP – Betty Beachum
  • Board Member 3 year term – Lance Warner
  • Board Member 2 year term – Bill Richert
  • Board Member 1 year term – Ted Blank

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