Road Trip – Look Out, the Texans are Here!

I was honored to be asked to be the head moderator for the Wichita, KS CCIM Chapter marketing meeting on April 18. It is always a pleasure to go to Wichita anyway, but when Rod Stewart asks you to do something, it is just hard to say no. When President Leo Goseland called to make certain that I knew he was also a part of this request, it was over. There was just no way to turn those two down. So, several Texans put together a road trip and off we went.

Our group was John Brennan, Wes Dingler, Marty Rader, Steve Fithian (our driver) and me. A long time ago, these types of trips were measured in how many six packs it would take to reach a destination, but since we are a much more mature group now, we didn’t even consider booze. But there was much conversation, many jokes (don’t ask) and discussions about everything under the sun.

The marketing session was great. Rod and Leo turned out over 50 participants, including Colby Sandlin and Jim Smith, there was a lot of product offered, and I believe some deals were made. It is always amazing to me that I seem to get more done with the guys in my own town and state at the marketing meetings that we do when we are at home. That certainly seemed to be the situation in Wichita. Using all of the S.E.C.s as moderators, I believe we brought out solutions to situations (opportunities) that otherwise would not have been considered. So if the Wichita group does just a few deals off of our participation, it was worth the trip to us. Plus, we identified three potential guests for future S.E.C. meetings.

There are several active marketing groups across our nation and the stories of those meetings are almost all positive. Most of us are very busy, especially after attending all the S.E.C. meetings, but the local meetings are also an excellent place to do business. Plus, it gives the S.E.C.s an opportunity to exercise our expertise and help others get their deals moved forward. And if we can identify some new guests for our S.E.C. meetings, everyone wins in the long run.

By the way, the five-man meeting that we had in Steve Fithian’s Suburban resulted in at least two deals in the DFW area that probably would not have otherwise been in play. I am giving Marty an LOI tomorrow on one of his listings!

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