S.E.C. Takes It on the Road

S.E.C. Takes It on the Road to Ohio
Wes Dingler and Brandon Sanders recently ran the Ohio Creative Real Estate Association (ORCEA) in Columbus, Ohio. This effort was supported in part by your S.E.C. Education Foundation in an effort to bring our style of marketing and the formulas we use to regional marketing groups. Both Dingler and Sanders moderated many packages and did an excellent job running the meeting.

S.E.C.s also in attendance were Lance Warner, Harry Kennerk, Ron Bowden, and Gary Vandenberg. Warner assisted with sound setup and various other tasks to keep the meeting running smoothly.

At one point Bill Bussey, CCIM from Grand Rapids, Michigan, asked for input on how to deal with a bank OREO client that had unrealistically high expectations of their large vacant building’s worth.

Bowden said to contact the decision maker and agree with them on price IF:

1. They went to the trouble and expense of leasing the property and paying lease fees, and making tenant improvements.

If they don’t want to do that, a somewhat reduced price could be obtained IF:

2. They finance for the buyer with easy terms.

If they don’t want to do that and only want an all cash sale, they will need to:

3. Discount the price heavily.

Bussey loved the suggestions. Instead of arguing with the client, he can agree with them and still get the message across.

That was the type of counseling that took place in the regional marketing session, bringing S.E.C. ideas and knowledge to exchangers across the country.

“S.E.C. Takes It on the Road to Indiana”

Larry Browning, S.E.C., was lead moderator at the 33rd IREX (Indiana Real Estate Exchangers) Fall Marketing session September 29th and 30th. There were over fifty in attendance at the fast-paced event. Other S.E.C. members in attendance were Ron Bowden, Harry Kennerk, S.E.C. President Chris Dischinger, and Gary Vandenberg.

By calling on S.E.C. members and other local experienced equity marketers to assist in moderating, Larry presented a great mix of moderated formal presentations along with opportunities for quick presentations.

It is great that the S.E.C. continues to offer moderating leadership in this active equity marketing area. We are rewarded with a steady stream of quality guests from Indiana and the surrounding states at our national marketing meetings.

“S.E.C. Takes It on the Road to Kansas”

Peter West, S.E.C., led the Kansas CCIM Invitational Marketing Session October 19th. Peter did an excellent job of combining Counseling Questions with his other moderating skills. The results created a terrific atmosphere where people new to equity marketing learned what they needed to learn from their clients while all participants discovered information they needed to write creative and closable transactions. Peter received rave reviews from all those in attendance.

Rod Stewart, S.E.C., is the brainchild behind the Kansas meeting which has been going on for many years. Rod was assisted by other local S.E.C. members, Leo Goseland, Nick Esterline, Colby Sandlian, and S.E.C. guest Vicki Hunt. Out-of-town S.E.C. members in attendance were Jim Smith, Bill Richert, Jon and Steve England, Wes Dingler, and Gary Vandenberg.

“S.E.C. Takes It on the Road to Texas”

Brandon Sanders, S.E.C., was lead moderator at the 3rd Annual CCIM West Texas Marketing Session held in San Angelo, TX on October 7th. This is a start up group consisting of several CCIMs across the western area as well as some new faces trying to get into the business. There were 25 in attendance covering a 3 hour radius of surrounding towns. Other S.E.C. members/candidates in attendance were Wes Dingler, Steve Eustis, Cindy Snell, and Bryan Neal.

Brandon realized that this was a newer group of exchangers that needed some additional knowledge, so he put together a special morning class and flew in Mr. Bill Exeter to teach and answer questions for about 3 hours. Mr. Exeter gave a very professional and formal discussion on exchanges and then opened for several questions and scenarios from the group. It was truly a hit and many positive comments have been circulating since that time. Mr. Exeter also attended a special reception the night before and presented his information to a group of local attorneys and CPAs from the area. Many had questions and all received thorough and thoughtful answers.

The session continued through the rest of the day with a chance for everyone to present properties, and with the valuable help of the other S.E.C. members and guests in the room it was very beneficial to those in attendance. There have been several letters and emails that have been circulating in appreciation of the hard work and excitement that the sessions generated.

The ideas and advice that entered the room from those who understand the creativity and brainpower that comes from the S.E.C. Exchange Meetings really made this a successful event with positive and lasting impressions on the local contacts.

Please contact the S.E.C. Office sec@secounselors.com if you would like to apply for assistance from the S.E.C. Education Foundation to send one of our approved moderators to assist you with your marketing session.

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