Wichita Marketing Session Report

On Friday, July 22, a number of S.E.C.s and several recent guests were united in a three-quarter day brainstorming and marketing session at the Holiday Inn Select in Wichita, Kansas.

The session was organized and chaired by Bill Richert and Rod Stewart. S.E.C.s Colby Sandlian, Paul F. Winger, Leo Goseland, Paul N. Winger, and regular guest brokers Darrell Leason and Cory Harkelroad participated in an extended “sub regional” marketing and brainstorming session, beginning with an 8:00 a.m. breakfast and finishing up at 3:00 pm. in the afternoon.

Many properties were discussed in depth, and the creativity flowed throughout the room; beginning with free and clear apartments in a small western Kansas town, and progressing through multi-million dollar assisted living developments, and development ground in Tulsa. “It was a productive and most enjoyable experience for all,” said Paul Winger Sr. in summing up the meeting. “It reminded me of what the S.E.C. is all about,” exclaimed Bill Richert. “This is what I have been missing by being unable to attend S.E.C. marketing sessions,” followed up Rod Stewart. “Now, let’s all go out and make one of these deals happen.”

With six S.E.C.s and at least three long-time guests in geographic proximity, it seems safe to say that another meeting will take place soon.

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