SEC Ed Foundation President’s Message

Lance Warner, S.E.C.
2011 President

As I pen this short article, I am struck by the dynamics of change that are having such profound impacts all around us. At the forefront of today’s news is President Obama’s announcement that he and our congressional leaders have reached a consensus for raising the federal debt limit, and the news media are speculating about whether they can get enough of the rank-and-file members of Congress lined up to pass the legislation.

The financial community, which we all have relied on to fund sales, acquisitions, and projects, remains in a state of turmoil in the face of ever-changing federal rules, ratios, and mandates. States are making sweeping changes in basic programs that would have been unheard of a couple of years ago. Unions, entitlement programs, and charities of all sizes are confronted with huge challenges that will require fundamental changes in the ways they operate and where they will find funding.

Our Society of Exchange Counselors and its members are borne on these same tides of change as they alternately sweep in and out along a rocky coast. Inevitably, some will suffer casualties. It is important to keep a sharp watch to warn each other of impending danger, and as we have always done, to stand by our injured, counseling when asked, aiding when possible. Sometimes, the Society’s Farley Fund is in a position to provide assistance, but it is really the “members helping members” that makes the difference.

The Education Foundation is making changes that we hope will contribute to the well-being of the Society’s members and guests. We have initiated a program to promote and support our members when they make themselves available to moderate other exchange groups’ marketing meetings. What we ask in return is that they make attendees at these other meetings aware of our educational offerings and the assistance we can provide in putting classes on and obtaining continuing education credits in their venues.

On the Saturday (September 17th) before our meeting in Springfield, MA, Jim Wilson and Peter West are giving a course on instructor techniques and presenting an instructor’s view of Jim’s introductory class to the world of creative real estate, “Effect Marketing and Transaction Making.” Members who take the class on Saturday and audit it the following day (Sunday, when it will be presented as a regular pre-marketing meeting class), will be authorized by Jim and the Education Foundation to teach the class on a regular basis. Those who complete both days will be given all of the course materials needed to promote and present the class to general commercial real estate audiences, including a course synopsis, class outline including a suggested schedule, and a sample classroom setup. This is an opportunity for members who previously have not taught courses for the Society to do so. If just half of our members would teach two classes a year, it would make a huge difference for the entire real estate community and the Society’s impact on widening the horizons of the creative real estate world, and by these means, strengthen the Society itself.

A fundraiser to benefit the Education Foundation and Farley Fund is also planned in conjunction with the Springfield meeting. Steve (Pink Bandana) Barker, Paul Martin Winger, Ron Bowden, and I are planning to ride motorcycles to the meeting. Brandon Sanders and Jackie are helping us formulate various fundraising contests and events in conjunction with our ride. See you in Springfield!

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