The Golden Anniversary – 1961-2011

The Society of Exchange Counselors is celebrating 50 years of existence, and that is an incredible milestone. What enables an organization to continue to not only exist, but to thrive for 50 years?

I believe that it is a result of having a clearly defined vision of who and what you are and maintaining your core values. This leads to the question: what are The Society of Exchange Counselors core values and vision?

You really do not have to go far to find the answers. They are contained in our logo and summarized in three short words: Service, Experience, and Counsel.

Society of Exchange Counselors

Service – We believe that we owe our clients, partners, and associates an obligation to deliver service above and beyond what they would expect. We are committed to putting our clients’ interest above that of ourselves and we believe that if we take on a project we should deliver the service necessary to serve that client to the best of our ability, regardless of the eventual financial reward to ourselves. We believe that by delivering superior service today, our personal rewards will eventually flow to us.

Experience – We believe that, as a group, the S.E.C. members are among the most experienced and skilled professionals in our areas of expertise. Many of our members have been involved in the real estate business for decades and we include many well respected teachers of creative real estate and exchanging.

Counsel – We believe that in order to serve our clients effectively we need to counsel them on their needs, motivations and desires. Often our clients do not initially understand their own motivations and through the client counseling process they can come to better understand why they want to buy, sell or exchange properties. In much the same way that a person would not go to a doctor and refuse to disclose what ails them, we believe that in order to properly serve our clients, we need to delve into their motivations and goals.


As we look forward to the next 50 years of the Society of Exchange Counselors we only have to look back at our past and remember not to stray from our core values and vision in order to insure a strong future. We must remember: SERVICE, EXPERIENCE, and COUNSEL.

Fun facts from 1961:

  • John F Kennedy sets the goal to land a man on the moon and return him home safely by the end of the decade.
  • Roger Maris hits 61 home runs
  • The Average Cost of a New House – $12,500
  • The Average Income – $5,350
  • The Average Cost of a New Car – $2,850
  • The Average Cost of an existing House – $2,770
  • The Cost of a Gallon of Gas – 27 cents

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