S.E.C. Education Foundation Update

The Education Foundation’s new Board is in place, up and running, with renewed enthusiasm for the opportunities 2011 offers to deliver S.E.C.-based education and roll out new fund raising events for the Farley Fund.

In looking back on what generated the most requests for our education offerings, it was apparent that we have been overlooking the positive influence that our Moderators have had over the years in encouraging local and regional exchange groups to take advantage of our S.E.C. Courses. This year we plan to follow up on the contacts our Moderators develop when they participate in local and regional marketing meetings.

We are developing a new course that will introduce agents and brokers to the power of creative marketing and the principles of equity marketing, counseling and formulas. Concurrently, we are developing an “Instructor Training and Platform Techniques” course to be presented prior to the Springfield Marketing Meeting for any S.E.C. Counselor wishing to take it. Once a Member has taken this course (a refresher for many) and observed a presentation of the new class, we will make the course materials for the introductory course available to any S.E.C. Counselor wishing to present it.

Obtaining Continuing Education credit for classes has always had a positive impact, driving up registration for classes and acting as an added incentive for attendees. In the past we relied on the local class Sponsor or the Instructor to go through the difficult process of obtaining CE credit. It is a lengthy and many times arduous undertaking. This year The Foundation is taking that task on in as many states as possible.

We are asking the Regional Directors to take a much more active role in identifying local marketing groups that we can reach out to; whether it is to offer help with their Marketing Meetings or to discuss the potential for presenting a Foundation supported class to their group. We will also rely heavily on the Regional Directors to identify the appropriate authorities who process and oversee applications for Continuing Education.

We welcome your comments and suggestions – and especially your active participation in helping us make this a great year.

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