S.E.C. Education Foundation

The uncertainty of the current economy creates significant pressure on the charitable resources of The Education Foundation’s Farley fund to provide timely and effective help for those in need of assistance. While financial assistance is certainly important, and greatly appreciated, there are many other things we can do; not the least of which is to do what we have been trained to do — seek to provide compassionate, effective, and timely counsel.

A number of Members faced with today’s challenges are finding opportunities and sharing those opportunities with other Members and the public. Bob Steele, who sometimes claims to be too tired to travel to meetings (just kidding, Bob), has put together a very interesting forum that creates an opportunity for participants to exchange a wide range of non real estate property for real estate. Incidentally, Bob continues to author many wonderful materials and shares many of them with the Society’s Book Store.

Chet Allen and Virgil Opfer continue to refine their HomTrade venture following its introduction last year. I urge anyone who has not explored these opportunities to expand their business to do so. These are but two examples — I am sure there are more.

As we work, individually and collectively, to turn the corner with this economy, I look forward to when we can again focus far more of our efforts and resources on advancing the cause of Creative Real Estate education. In the meantime, we continue to seek opportunities to make a positive difference with the resources and time we have allotted.

I am sure that we all greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions to help those in need to weather this storm, whether it is through the Foundation or simply a member taking it upon themselves to discreetly provide one-on-one help to a member or guest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and suggestions (and criticisms). I look forward to the former and need the latter.

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