S.E.C. Education Foundation

During The Society’s Las Vegas Marketing Meeting in January, the Education Foundation sponsored a luncheon with our supported instructors. Having everyone in the same room created an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and concerns that was very beneficial. We discussed ways to make our courses more available to groups and organizations around the country.

Also under consideration is a program that would provide financial support for instructors and moderators who travel to various regions to moderate another organization’s marketing meetings. Our moderators have proven very effective in promoting education as they moderate, so it is an excellent way to expand our reach.

The Society’s Ed Foundation is working with a TV producer and a script writer to draft a proposal for a commercial that we would use on our web site. When these materials are complete, they will provide an easy way to introduce our specialized instruction and instructors to real estate organizations and marketing groups.

The S.E.C. Bookstore is slowly but surely increasing the inventory of books available for purchase. We presently have “100 Equity Marketing Formulas,” by Virgil Opfer and Dan Harrison; the industry classic by Royce Ringsdorf, “The Basic Steps in Real Estate Exchanging;” “How to Finance Any Real Estate – Any Time,” by Jim Misko; and “real estate exchange” novel, “The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County.”

Visit the S.E.C. Bookstore to purchase these books, and check back often to see what has been added. We are looking forward to adding a soon-to-be-released series of books by Bob Steele, S.E.C., “300 Strategies for Making Real Estate and Business Deals.”

Please contact the S.E.C. Office sec@secounselors.com if you have questions, suggestions, or about our books, our courses, or to learn about bringing one of our instructors or moderators to your area.

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