President’s Cup Award

The Kansas CCIM Chapter has been awarded the coveted title of the Presidents Cup Award as the best small CCIM Chapter in the United States. All of us should be a part of something that is judged to be the best in the country at some time in our lives.

Many Society Members are a part of both organizations and have contributed to this success of the Kansas Chapter in various ways. The S.E.C. Educational Foundation has sponsored S.E.C. taught courses by Ted Blank, Bob Brougham, Phil Corso, Mark Johnson and Jim Brondino. All of these courses have helped to raise the creative consciousness of our Chapter.

The following S.E.C.s have given of their time and talent to moderate our twice annual marketing sessions: Marilee Anderson, Ted Blank, Ron Bowden, John Brennan, Jim Brondino, Larry Browning, Rosebud Caradec, Dennis Crull, Wes Dingler, Steve England, Steve Eustis, Hank Haden, Jack Harper, Mark Johnson, Harry Kennerk, Lance Moore, Bill Richert, Art Scott, Jon Spelman, Bill Stonaker, Gary Vandenberg, Ken Vidar, Jim Wilson, and Paul Winger.

Jack Hunt’s endowed scholarship not only keeps his memory alive, but it helps to provide continuing education to our members. Education is not limited to only CCIM classes.

As S.E.C.’s and members of the KS CCIM Chapter, it is a real honor for Leo Goseland, Paul N. Winger, Colby Sandlian, Nick Esterline and myself to be associated with these two fine organizations. We gratefully acknowledge the individual contributions of the Society’s members to the ongoing success of the KS CCIM Chapter.

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