S.E.C. Education Foundation

The S.E.C. Education Foundation Board continues efforts to promote and deliver quality creative real estate education. A large database of prospective audiences has been assembled and preliminary course information has been provided to them. The next task is to work with instructors to create more effective marketing materials. A meeting to organize this effort with the instructors is planned in conjunction with the upcoming Las Vegas Marketing Meeting.

Jackie Hellingson has started a new program to print and ship “100 Equity Marketing Formulas” using an online publishing-on-demand service providing excellent solutions for marketing specialized publications. This was an enormous undertaking and we are again indebted to Jackie for her dedication to the Society and, overwhelmed by her ability to make complex tasks look easy. We hope to expand our book offerings as the rights are received from the authors contributing so much to our industry over the years.

As we close 2009, we are cognizant of the need to renew old efforts and develop new ways to replenish our funds so that we may continue to support educational efforts and to fund charitable activities.

Please visit www.secedfoundation.com for information about the foundation, available courses, the Legends of the S.E.C., and our approved instructors.

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