The S.E.C. Education Foundation

As the new S.E.C. Education Foundation Board has been going about the work of organizing programs and tasks in support of Ed Foundation goals, we have not lost sight of our ongoing responsibility to schedule timely and pertinent education for our Sunday education forums held in conjunction with S.E.C. Marketing Meetings.

Jaylean Snow continues to work (with her ever effervescent smile intact) to identify and schedule timely and relevant presenters for our marketing meeting Sunday education forums.

Sandy Wanchick has been retained on a part-time basis to assist us with organizing and expanding our efforts to support and promote S.E.C. Ed Foundation courses and instructors. We continue to reach out to local and regional exchange groups with our offer to present classes in their venues. There is much more to this endeavor than one would expect, and we think it will have a significant impact on our efforts to reach new audiences and continue to serve old ones.

We are still in for a bumpy ride with the economy, and transactions are more difficult to create and close. The Ed Foundation approved courses will teach you to counsel your clients, create transactions that go beyond traditional methods, utilize formulas to close transactions that otherwise might not have closed, and help your clients reach their objectives.

The Ed Foundation instructors, our courses, the S.E.C. Marketing sessions, and the articles in the S.E.C. Observer can help you survive and prosper during the economic downturn. The need for creative real estate education, counseling skills, and knowledge of formulas is greater during these times, but beneficial even in the best of markets.

We invite you to explore our web site for the courses available, and contact us if you would like to bring a course to your area, and to read our quarterly web journal for ideas and skills to help you succeed in any economic environment.

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