Larry Browning, S.E.C.: Biography

browningLarry Browning has gone through his life using the philosophy that his father, whom he describes as a man of honesty, imbedded the following into him when he was a child: “Your word is your bond, always tell the truth.” This statement is reflective in all aspects of Larry’s life.

Born and raised in Shelbyville, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, Larry’s early life through high school was all about “sports and girls.” He grew up playing basketball and baseball. He attended college at DePauw University, graduating with a degree in political science. He played college baseball and studied oversees, which gave him a “great college experience.”

Larry is a caring and passionate individual. Whether it is his family or fellow S.E.C. Brothers & Sisters, his concern is more about the relationship than the task at hand. He is married to Connie, who he started dating in his junior year in high school, whom he credits for making a big impact on his life. He says “It is fun doing life with her.” Larry and Connie have three children: Carrie (who was married in 2007), Adam (who is now working as a broker in Larry’s business and is recently engaged), and Bess (who graduated college in 2007). Larry and Connie are fortunate to have all of the kids living within 50 miles of home, which helps them maintain a close-knit family.

Larry began his real estate career in Atlanta, GA, as a manager trainee with National Homes Acceptance Corp. A little homesick, Larry (now married) and Connie moved back home and began working part time in Real Estate sales. He then founded, Browning & Laird Agency, a local real estate company, and after two or three years moved to Indianapolis to work as a commercial broker for the Baird Company. In 1979, he was president of his local Board of Realtors. As part of that role, he attended the state convention where he attended his first marketing session. At this first marketing session, his life was changed as he was exposed to creative real estate by Harry Kennerk, a fellow S.E.C. member.

Harry hired Larry in 1982 to handle sales and acquisitions for his company, the Sycamore Group. Harry became a spiritual mentor who had a tremendous influence on his life. His first S.E.C. meeting was in 1983 and he became a Counselor in 1984. In 1989, he formed Evergreen Investment Corp. with Steve Steffel. He began the transition from broker to principal with a large land assemblage near the Indianapolis airport. Tired of driving to and from Indianapolis, in 2001, he opened his own office in Shelbyville with Ron Bowden. Together they developed a 141-acre tech park. He has been a successful developer ever since, completing many other large projects.

Larry’s goals in life are simple and to the point. Everything he does is tied to the relationship with the other party and he focuses on the spiritual side of life. He wants his kids to be productive citizens and to love the Lord. He was also thrilled to become a grandfather! He is a founding member of Harvest Bible Chapel Church where he presently serves as Chairman of the Elder Board.

An avid Indianapolis Colts fan he also is a New York Yankees fan. He coached high school baseball for five years. Currently he plays softball and golf. He likes to read Christian books as well as novels authored by Tom Clancy. When asked how his best friend would describe him in three words, his reply was, “honest, friend for life, and loyal.

Larry has served as President of the Society of Exchange Counselors and has been on the Board of Governors for many terms. He is also the recipient of the Counselor of the Year award. Larry also served with Phil Corso in writing the business plan for the S.E.C. Education Foundation.

Most of all, Larry cherishes his relationships in the S.E.C., as he considers its members his extended family.

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