Society Education Foundation Loses Its Visionary

Jack Hunt, S.E.C., CCIM
1921 – 2008

Go Get’Um, Jack

The Education Foundation is saddened to lose Jack Hunt, the man who single handedly took it upon himself to re-institute the Society of Exchange Counselor’s education programs. In 2000, Jack decided that S.E.C. education must rise like the phoenix from ashes and be started again. It was Jack’s vision — and determination — that formed the base for what the S.E.C. education program is today.

Jack, being a very private man, would say that we should not write this article, nor do anything to honor him. He would tell us to focus on the future, not the past, and honor those who are in the trenches today and working towards the future But the fact is that had it not been for Jack’s vision, his tenacity, and his initial funding of EDF, the EDF would not be alive today.

Larry Browning said that one day at a S.E.C. Invitational Meeting, Jack came up to Larry and said, “Larry, here is what we need to do and you are going to take a lead in this process. We have to get our creative education courses back out and revise them to fit the times. You and a handful of other former Presidents of S.E.C. are going to do this and I am going to help fund the initial effort.” As Larry says it, no one tells Jack no. So he agreed.

Then later that day, Larry was walking down the hall and saw Ted Blank. Larry went up to Ted and said, “You won’t believe what Jack just told me.” Ted told Larry that he sure would; Jack had just hit him up the same way. After Larry and Ted, Jack put his wonderful powers of persuasion on Phil Corso and Mark Johnson. And the Education Foundation was born.

From Jack’s efforts at that S.E.C. meeting, a committee was formed: the 501(c) (3) entity was established and the real work started. Corso, Blank, and Johnson all agreed to serve as the first Board of Directors — they certainly were not going to tell Jack no. Bylaws were written and the basic governing documents were created.

Soon Society members were recruited to be instructors. Former instructors were contacted and their courses were donated to the EDF and rewritten to update them. Courses were scheduled. An Education Committee was put into the S.E.C. Bylaws to help promote the courses, both at S.E.C. events and under the banners of other commercial real estate groups like local CCIM chapters, CID events, etc. And funds were raised to assist the EDF in getting these courses to these events.

Phil Corso said that Jack was the ultimate in “go get’um,” a guy who thought deeply about what he was going to do, and then did it. That is certainly what happened with the EDF. Jack was the vision for the S.E.C. Education Foundation. Like so many other things he touched, Jack Hunt made a profound difference here too. He will be profoundly missed, both at S.E.C. and EDF.

Editor’s Note: Many people have expressed an interest in supporting the S.E.C. Ed Foundation. Should you wish make a tax deductible donation in honor of Jack Hunt, please make your check payable to the S.E.C. Education Foundation and mail it to: Society of Exchange Counselors, 5580 La Jolla Boulevard, #110, La Jolla, CA, 92037.

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