The S.E.C. Education Foundation

“The mission of the S.E.C. Education Foundation is to establish a fund to encourage and financially support education programs related to real estate, particularly in the area of creative transactions and professionally structured equity marketing techniques.”

What does this mean? First, it does not mean that the EDF will conduct classes. That is not what we do. However, several things are covered under this broad statement that all our members, candidates, and guests should know.

The EDF will help a real estate organization with backing to provide an approved course in the organization’s area. For instance, EDF might pledge financial support to make certain that the local CCIM chapter or CID does not lose money putting on a Formulas Course in a mid-west city where the chapter is trying to establish itself as a leader in creative education. It could also help the local exchange group bring in moderator training to help its members better understand how to moderate marketing meetings.

Another way the EDF can assist a local group is to backstop the cost of bringing S.E.C. moderators to a marketing meeting to help a local exchange group become established. Evidently, this approach was successful last year in Portland, OR.

Moreover, did you know that the EDF is assisting our instructors to update their courses? Several of our S.E.C. instructors are working with the EDF to get their courses professionally reformatted in PowerPoint presentations. We all know that we only get one opportunity to make a first impression. If our instructors are doing what they do best with the best presentation materials, the course will be received even better.

Therefore, what can our members, candidates, and guests do? Look for opportunities to bring our courses to your area. Brainstorm with Lance Warner, Chairman of Education. Remember to offer to help get moderators for your local exchange group. If you are one of our instructors, get your presentation in top form and look for opportunities to lead a class.

It appears that the economy is going through some changes right now. Many S.E.C.s have often remarked that “our day will come again.” Well, that day might just be here. The S.E.C. shines during downturns. How can we use the environment to further the creative education and marketing that we do so well? Keep the S.E.C. and EDF in mind at home, not just at our meetings.

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