Legends Leave a Legacy

As the Education Foundation works to implement the “Legends” program, numerous discussions have been held on who might deserve “Legend” status. Our purpose is to use the “Legends” program to educate the public and those in our profession on how important new ideas and creativity can be to our industry. We wish to memorialize Members, past and present, for their key innovations and unusual contributions as part of our history.

Ideas and concepts do not just materialize, but have been the effort and brainchild of certain individuals. Therefore, this honor that EDF plans to bestow on some key Society members should be to recognize those that have truly through their thoughts, actions and results had an impact on our profession. We want people to understand that this person has truly left a Legacy.

I think all of us would like to think we will leave some sort of positive legacy to our family, friends and associates during our career. Many of us will not be fortunate enough to be unique contributors during our lives, but hopefully we will see some inspiration from the people that Ed Foundation shall recognize. Maybe future members will work a little harder to contribute to our profession as one of the legacies they leave.

Your ideas and comments are always welcome! Stay tuned.

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