S.E.C. Education Foundation President’s Message

In any situation it is less difficult to create new advances when there is knowledge of our history and the key people who may have contributed the ideas to get us to this point.

As the Education Foundation finalizes the details of the “Legends of the Society” program the above statement, in my opinion, is the guiding principal. The membership of the Society throughout the years has greatly expanded the body of knowledge that is our real estate profession of today. We need plan to identify, memorialize, and recognize these achievements. We hope that the Legends program will become another tool for the Foundation’s long-term real estate educational efforts.

The Foundation is continuing to look for opportunities to impact our real estate profession through the stimulation of unique educational and marketing programs. These efforts primarily fall within the areas that have been the strengths of the Society, which are counseling, creative formulas/exchanging, broker estate building, and marketing session administration and moderating. We continue to expand our efforts, but it is only through the members’ requests and local marketing groups’ requests that we find the appropriate avenues to make these Foundation investments.

Please keep the Foundation in your thoughts and use your creative ideas to suggest ways in which our monies can be used to promote and deliver our educational interests to the world of real estate. Your calls or emails on Foundation business would be appreciated.

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