NYSCAR Commercial Marketing Conference

S.E.C. Co-Hosts Successful NY Commercial Real Estate Conference”

The Society of Exchange Counselors assisted at the 6th Annual Commercial Real Estate Conference by coordinating the New York State “marketing session” segment of this two-day event, from June 11-13, 2007. This conference was co-hosted by NYSCAR (NY State Commercial Association of Realtors, a statewide commercial overlay board), S.E.C., and the NY CCIM and SIOR Chapters. There were 126 registered marketing session attendees, the largest NY marketing session held to date. The lead moderator for the marketing session was Jim Wilson, S.E.C., CCIM, with support from Bill Stonaker, S.E.C., CCIM, President of the Society of Exchange Counselors.

Virtually all of the Northeast S.E.Cs and regular S.E.C. Guests attended this event and assisted as moderators for the general moderated marketing segments. In attendance were people from 14 states including those from New York. In addition to President Bill Stonaker, S.E.C., Texas, other S.E.Cs outside the northeast attended. States represented at the conference were NY, NH, NJ, VT, MA, CT, FL, SC, TX, IN, MI, IL, CO, and CA.

The conference also offered five continuing education courses, e.g. “Excel Real Estate Applications,” taught by Tim Hatlestad, CCIM; “Socratic Selling,” taught by Dan Eshbaugh, of GE Real Estate; “Using Real Estate in IRAs for Retirement,” taught by Patrick Rice; “Analysis, Valuation & Marketing of Business Opportunity Property,” taught by Bob Giniecki, S.E.C., CCIM, “Why Real Estate Brokers Do Not Want To Be Appraisers,” taught by John Make, MAI, SRA.

At the “Keynote Luncheon Program,” held on Wednesday, in addition to the NYSCAR officers, on the dial were the S.E.C. President, Bill Stonaker, S.E.C., CCIM, Stan Mullin, SIOR, CCIM, President of National SIOR, and Tim Hatlestad, CCIM, and CCIM Institute President Elect. Bill Stonaker spoke about how important it is to focus on the “people” in a potential real estate transaction inasmuch as real estate is a people business. He also noted that S.E.C. offers education programs not only on how to effectively counsel with clients, but also on how S.E.C. offers education in the area of effective marketing of commercial-investment transaction and creative formulas courses to assist in the structuring of difficult transactions, among others. Tim Hatlestad discussed the development of a set of new CCIM educational courses and the growth of the CCIM Institute. Stan Mullin delivered the keynote speech, which focused on the impact on commercial-investment and industrial real estate in relation to the global economy and market.

The overall attendance at the conference was in excess of 180 people. To kick off the event, a golf tournament was scheduled for Monday morning to allow those interested in marketing to attend the marketing session, which began with a noon luncheon. Following marketing on Monday, June 11th, the S.E.C. held a “Northeast Invitational Networking Dinner.” On Tuesday, June 12th, again following marketing, the CCIM and SIOR Chapters held their meetings. This was followed by a two- hour cocktail networking event.

The Society of Exchange Counselors recently initiated a new program. In addition to offering education, the Society now has a program available where it is willing to co-host and assist at “regional marketing meetings” as well providing experienced marketing moderators to assist regional marketing groups, which will enable the regional groups to enhance their respective marketing meeting events. Regional commercial-investment marketing organizations may contact the S.E.C. Office for additional information pertaining to this program.

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