Inside this Issue – Summer 2007

Welcome to the summer issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer. Bill Stonaker, S.E.C. President, wonders if there might be trouble brewing for the real estate industry. It is fascinating to read and compare Bill’s article to the History files article written in August 1973 by Cliff Weaver, “Is Real Estate in Turmoil?” President Stonaker did not see Cliff’s article prior to the publication of this issue.

Mark Johnson, 2003 President of the Society, and past editor of the S.E.C. Observerm invites you to “teach yourself” and never stop learning; Steve Barker takes us “back to the future” with the speech he plans to give at the January 15, 2020, S.E.C. Annual Installation Banquet and Dedication. Hunter Quistgard challenges you to use his “coagulation” technique so you can close more transactions; and Jim Misko encourages you to be creative when looking for financing due to market conditions…in December 1972. Phil Corso, 2002 S.E.C. President and past editor of the S.E.C. Observer, offers you some “lifelines for life” in his first “Notes in the Margins” column.

Steve England, S.E.c. Education Foundation President, outlines the plan for our “Legends of S.E.C.” program, and is pleased to announce in a Society News Brief that Chet Allen, S.E.c., CCIM, has agreed to present his “Developing and Syndicating: Big Money Real Estate” course in January, immediately prior to the S.E.C. Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. And you will learn about one of our most creative members, Harry Kennerk, who is “In the Spotlight” in this issue.

Enjoy this issue, and as always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and articles to be considered for publication. Please contact the S.E.c. Office via email:

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