The S.E.C. Education Foundation

The Board of Directors of the S.E.C. Education Foundation has been very successful in fund raising the past few years. The society members have fulfilled their pledges and our Farley Fund Auctions have been quite beneficial. Now your Education Foundation is looking for more ways to promote the types of education that have made our society grow and prosper.

The society has been willing to financially support local exchange or marketing groups that want to sponsor one of the EDF courses. Now we are also willing to support bringing a top-notch S.E.C. marketing session moderator to assist with a local or regional marketing session. Training other real estate professionals in marketing session techniques and fostering more marketing session transactions is certainly within our mission.

The Society of Exchange Counselors has, throughout its history, had members who were innovators and leaders in the real estate industry. Our historical members have developed the concepts of Counseling, Equity Marketing, Formulas, and Broker Estate Building, to mention four concepts that others in our industry seem to not place much emphasis on. The society is also the best at putting new ideas and concepts to work with the best national marketing sessions available. This type of creative real estate is what your EDF Board wants to promote among other real estate professionals.

The EDF Board has voted to establish something that may be called the “Legends of the Society” as part of our education program. We feel it is an advantage to let others know about, and permanently recognize, some of our members for the key concepts and ideas that have really changed not only the society, but our industry as well. Plans are to elect some people over time to honor and give them a special place on our website so others can learn of their contributions. Rosebud Caradec has taken on the task of contacting some of our long-time members to get their opinion of people who should be honored in this manner. We wish to recognize those members who pioneered and developed concepts that we now all take for granted. We ask any of you who have opinions and ideas for developing this program to please contact Rosebud and her committee.

We thank all of you for your continued generosity and contributions, which make the EDF successful.

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