February TREE Meeting

The February TREE meeting was held in Brownsville, Texas February 11 & 12. Mark & Diane Johnson were our gracious hosts for a Mexican Fiesta on Sunday evening. And after a full day of golf on Sunday, several of the TREE members participated in adult beverages. The food was great but the fellowship was even better.

Several interesting opportunities were discussed at this meeting. Bill Richert presented an opportunity for the group to acquire a 200,000 square foot manufacturing building in Tulsa at below market. Not bad considering that the building is fully leased. Don Tardy had 52 acres of development ground north of Georgetown near Austin. Kelli Murphy talked about her condo project opportunity in South Padre. Jon Spelman showed the group several NNN opportunities in Waco.

In addition to specific projects, the group discussed trends that we agree should be kept in mind for future ventures, interest rates and what debt means to each of us, both recourse and non-recourse.

Mark was our lead moderator for the meeting. When he totaled the cash available from the group – today – ready to spend and some in 1031 accounts – it was over $2.5 million.

The group decided that it will meet next in Tyler on April 22 & 23 and then in South Fork, Colorado, where several TREE members own properties, on August 19 & 26.

TREE (Texas Real Estate Exchangers), which includes members in Oklahoma and New Mexico, is a group of S.E.C.s and long time S.E.C. guests that meet every other month on the months that S.E.C. does not meet. Our stated goal is The Creation of Wealth – being our own best clients.

  • Bill Stonaker
  • Bill & Betsy Richert
  • Mark & Diane Johnson
  • Jon and Jean Spelman
  • John Brennan
  • Vicky Yeomans
  • Jack Harper
  • Jaylean Snow
  • Rosebud Caradec
  • Hank Haden
  • Steve Eustis
  • Wes Dingler
  • Bob & Gloria Elder


  • Kelli Murphy Martin
  • Durwood Dingler
  • Don Tardy

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