Inside this Issue – Winter 2007

As we look ahead to a brand new year, this issue reminds us how important it is to reflect on the past. The history of the Society, and the present day S.E.C. Education Foundation are briefly but beautifully recapped; formulas, questions, and techniques that are as relevant today as they were many years ago are presented for your use; and you’ll be challenged to look beyond the basics to the “backside benefits” of a potential transaction.

The “present day” topics include the reflections of an S.E.C. candidate’s tour of China; our upcoming meetings in San Antonio; the latest “real estate exit strategies” from First American Exchange; and the expectations of our new 2007 President.

As we begin 2007, we hope this issue provides you with some entertainment, gives you some new ideas, and stimulates your creativity. We encourage your participation and comments.

If you would like to submit an article to be considered for a future issue, or you have suggestions or comments, please email the S.E.C. office:


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