A Helping Hand

As another year comes and goes, I reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. I remember attending a Chatham Counseling course almost 20 years ago. I went because an exchangor friend of mine coaxed me into it. I had taken many courses in numbers and rules and regulations. As I recall, the Chatham Course was almost a week long. I was really sucking wind, entering the business the same year as the tax reform act, and a tough market. I did not have the time, motivation, or money for it, but I went. I remember thinking, what in the world can be discussed in a classroom for almost a week concerning counseling (whatever that is). Since then, counseling has been instrumental in my business.

My point being, that had someone not been “watching over me” a little and giving me some direction, today I would be doing who knows what, maybe in real estate, and maybe not. In any event, I am quite sure I would not be having as much fun, or be dealing with such wonderful people as I do now if I hadn’t taken that first course.

It is great to be financially compensated for our knowledge and efforts. But, to me, it is very satisfying to be able to offer some help to someone I would like to see succeed and prosper. Maybe I see some of myself 20 years ago in that person, and I think of the people who helped me over the years; but for whatever reason it is rewarding to help others who are new to the business.

It takes only a minute to see how someone is doing, and to offer help. A small suggestion of a formula, or a tactic, can really enhance a real estate endeavor or transaction. What seems an enormous problem may be quickly solvable with a simple solution. We all have our own talents and levels of expertise. We have the opportunity to offer direction (maybe suggesting a counseling course) and help to someone who might have been in the business for 20 days or 20 years.

So many people have given their time, effort, and trust to me during my real estate career. Some day years from now, maybe someone will look back and think of me, and the little bit of time that I spent with them. And maybe that time made some kind of small positive impact on their business and life. Members of the Society of Exchange Counselors have this same philosophy, and give freely of their time and knowledge to each other, and to guests who attend our meetings. We are very fortunate to have the opportunities to help others; and to have the support, knowledge, and friendship available though the Society.

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