Dream Weavers

Don’t you think it’s sad that lots of folks just sit around hoping that their dreams will come true? I am equally amazed that most people do absolutely nothing in pursuit of their dreams for fear that their dreams may not come true. Even more just give up and move on to another dream, leaving yesterday’s dream behind at the intersection of challenge and opportunity without a second thought, or even a first attempt because they missed the sign…

All of which had me wondering about Dream Weavers…those amazing people we meet in life who help our dreams come true. Then this question showed up out of nowhere and I asked myself: “Where do our dreams go when our dreams do not come true?”

I found some answers and wrote some notes in the margins after visiting with a few friends of mine in the Society…folks who make dreams come true every day.

  • Dreamers do something despite people thinking they are crazy for trying. If you want your dreams to come true…do something. Just remember, being a little crazy always helps and sanity is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Most people are told that their dreams will never be their reality by those who dare not try. What few understand is that those of us who are willing to chase our dreams in order to find success would rather, try despite the risk that we will fail than fail to try because of the risk of failure.
  • If you dream beyond what is possible today you will discover that the place where dreams come true is tomorrow.
  • Dreams never go away. As long as you don’t stop dreaming, tomorrow always shows up on time.
  • We don’t own the dreams we no longer believe will come true. Dreams that you don’t own any longer become available on the open market for other dreamers to acquire gratis, and free and clear.
  • Dreams come true for those who see opportunity where others do not. Provided we never give up dreaming of what we want, we always seem to get what we need.
  • Dreams are ideas that become goals. Reaching our goals requires staying in tune with the part of the dream machine that is your mind and your heart. One can not exist without the other as both are born to dream. Synchronize the two and dreams come true.

So, who are these Dream Weavers?

Quite simply, they are the amazing men and women who arrive in our life at just the right moment in time. Dream Weavers are people who know that we know we can achieve our dreams so they encourage us to try. They share their knowledge and offer the wisdom of perspective without expectation or condition.

Dream Weavers are the teachers who arrive when we are ready to learn. They help us understand that the challenges each of us face in our lives and businesses are the same. They help us remember that we can, when someone else thinks we can not.

Dream Weavers help us to “dream big and dare to fail.” They remind us that there is always success found in failure; that the only failure that matters in life is the failure to try. The lesson learned in failure is to simply dream bigger next time… not to stop dreaming.

Many of the people you will meet on your life’s journey will never take a leap of faith…never risk failure in the pursuit of success. Fear has taken away their hope of success so they will give up without ever trying. They stop dreaming for fear of failure.

There will be many times when we come up short of our achieving our dreams. If we are willing, the Dream Weavers will arrive right on time; quietly bringing with them a gift of hope. As we gather the strength to dream again, Dream Weavers show us how to trust ourselves once more. They remind us that we tried when others dared not.

Walt Disney once said: “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. It is the people you meet along the way that help make your dreams reality.”

Dream Weavers are the people we meet who inspire us to give life a try…again and again…and to never quit. So, weave yourself a dream. Then invite the Dream Weavers in your life along for the ride while you try to make your dreams come true.

Author’s note: A special thanks to a few friends of mine…Dream Weavers all. They shared their thoughts and inspired me to write this note. Bob Steele, Jim Misko, Jim Brondino and Mark Johnson are weavers of dreams, and believers that dreams come true.

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