Client Acquisition

Most regular real estate brokerages use multiple systems to find clients:

  • A sign on prominent office and on listed properties
  • Ads in media
  • Direct mail
  • House calls
  • Seminars conducted for the public
  • Personal contacts thru social clubs
  • Brochures distributed
  • Etc.

My personal preference has always been “Find a need and fill it,” (found printed on pink dump trucks by Henry J. Kaiser in the 40’s and 50’s).
If you can get anyone into a conversation about their ownership of real estate and real estate securities, and their desires or dreams about their frustrations or future real estate objectives, you find the “need.” If they don’t seem to know how to “get there from here,” you have an opportunity to use your skills.

If you don’t have the creativity or knowledge to help, take the S.E.C. Education Foundation courses and bring the issue to your S.E.C. mentor for advice and assistance.

If you don’t have the ability to get into real estate conversations with nearly everyone, you need to take up engineering, architecture or teaching sales. My approach has always been to suggest solutions without requesting to be paid; until they realize they don’t have the contacts, capability, time, or some other lack to get there. At that time, I would suggest that they hire me to accomplish their goals.

You will find many who don’t, but think they can do it without you. But don’t despair, they will come around eventually when reality beats on them for a while. Those who can take your suggestions and take action without your help, will praise you to others who might need you.

The process of REALLY understanding what a prospect wants to accomplish is the first step to being invaluable and to knowing which direction to start. The quicker you get clear on the base motivation, the quicker you can decide if the client is realistic and if you want to help (70% should be rejected).

I used to teach new counselors that “Prospecting for a client you can help is more remunerative than working for a client who isn’t going to end up in a transaction. Don’t bet on a pair of 4s; wait till you are dealt some significant cards.” Not working for a client applicant is your most productive decision in 70% of cases.

The process of being creative and helpful to all who have a real estate issue will eventually require you to be very selective whom you take as a client, as you will be in demand. The integrity with which you operate may lengthen or shorten your counseling career. “One thing no one can take from you (or give to you) is your reputation!”

Now go forth and converse about all the sexy real estate transaction causing formulae you have been exposed to thru the S.E.C. Education Foundation, and the Society of Exchange Counselor’s marketing sessions. Using them will soon cause you to invent new ones.

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  1. This is an excellent article. I believe I have used this strategy before without having realized it! Being selective about whom you take on as a client is a difficutl skill to master.