Ideas and Formulas

Where do they come from – these ideas and formulas? Why are they so important to each of us in the real estate industry? Each idea or formula was created to solve a need.

Think about that for a minute. Each idea or formula was created to fill a need. That is a powerful statement and one that many reading this story takes for granted. Think about each of the hundred plus formulas that are used every day in the real estate industry. Is there any formula that does generate the desired result? Is there any formula that exists that does not take us down a path that has not been walked by someone prior to us? Yes, but only those that have not been cast in stone or written for others to follow.

Does anyone know where ideas come from…? Can you buy them? Do you steal them? When was the last time you told someone of your idea? Did you act on it? Do all ideas succeed? The bottom-line to any idea is the implementation (action) and the final result. That final result is always based on a need; your need or the need of others.

Okay, we all agree that both ideas and formulas are created to solve a need. To create an idea or formula you must be willing to risk the result being wrong, and you must be willing to take action. Those who create the ideas and formulas to solve the need reap the largest rewards.

I would challenge all of you, the readers of this publication, to create one formula or to generate one idea that will benefit you, us, or the real estate industry in 2006. I would also ask that you forward that idea or formula to us at for consideration for publication in a future issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer.

Take the challenge!

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