Around the S.EC.

PHOTO: TREE members and guests in Dallas in December (from left to right): Don Tardy, Lance Warner, Bill Richert, Chuck Sutherland, Mark Johnson, Dick Janson, Betty Beachum, Derwood Dingler, Jack Harper, Vicki Yeomans Klein, Dick Klein, Caroline Du, Art Ramseur, Hand Haden, Jon Spelman, Bill Stonaker, Wes Dingler, John Brennan, Steve Eustis.

The members of the Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.) are active in and around their respective regions, states and cities. Our goal is to identify the various activities of the S.E.C. members and make the electronic world aware of and provide access to the activities of the S.E.C. members.

TREE met in Dallas on December 12, 2006, at the Quality Inn hotel that Chuck Sutherland owns in the Dallas Market Center District. As usual, the meeting was festive but the Christmas spirit shone through especially bright in this meeting. The format was property presentations and market updates. John Brennan managed the session.

The Texas Real Estate Exchangers (TREE) is a collection of members of Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.’s) and guests that have been meeting since 2003. In addition to the Texas contingency we continue to experience regular attendance from Oklahoma and New Mexico with guests from Colorado and Ohio. The primary objective of TREE is to structure transactions that generate wealth and benefit the personal portfolio of the attendees. There have been several transactions formed this year and they include properties in San Antonio, Seguin, Fort Worth and San Angelo. In addition, the attendees assist each other in how to best structure a transaction, the creation of partnerships, the identification of benefits and how those benefits impact the parties of the transaction.

If you have a desire to attend the next TREE meeting it will held in Austin, Texas on February 17th (the day after the Austin CCIM Marketing Meeting on February 16th). The time and place have not been set but you can contact Dick Janson at for information.

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