What is in Our Name? (Part III)

This is the last in the series of WHAT’S IN A NAME? More specifically, WHAT IS IN OUR NAME- Society of Exchange Counselors. This article focuses on the last word in our name, COUNSELOR. In the first article, I presented an overview of the topic. In the second article, I focused on the word SOCIETY. In the third article, I rendered a detailed definition of the word EXCHANGE. And now, in this final and last article the word COUNSELOR will be my focal point.

Just what constitutes a counselor and how is a counselor defined? Some would say a counselor is one who advises another, officially or professionally. In other words, a counselor is a professional working in a social or psychological service industry. Others might define a counselor as an attorney, or supervisor of young people at a summer camp. And still others could submit that a counselor is a mentor, or even a high-ranking diplomat stationed below an ambassador or minister. I submit to you that in OUR name, and specifically the word COUNSELOR, embrace all of the above and more!

What we are, and what we do, epitomizes the word COUNSELOR. We believe in the dignity of all human beings, and pledge our services to the well-being and betterment of our clients. We maintain a proper professional relationship with our clients, assisting them to make decisions and act for themselves. We adhere to the precepts of confidentiality and discrete disclosure in all knowledge, records and materials concerning our clients. We freely contribute our ideas and findings to the client and to each other. We acknowledge the validity of credible third party influences and embrace them in the process of addressing the client’s situation, issue and/or concern. And, we recognize our limitations, strengths, and biases, or levels of effectiveness always striving for self-improvement and seeking professional development by means of further education and training.

In our business philosophy, to counsel is to guide and support in the field of real estate matters. It is the process or art, if you will, of finding out what the client feels and believes is important. It involves establishing an orderly manner of solving a perceived “problem” or helping a client to reach a decision. To counsel is to express concepts, data and information in terms that the client understands, not ours, and having the skill and ability to do so! We exchange viewpoints and seek information for the purpose of finding a solution to a “problem,” situation, circumstance, and/or issue. We put forward for one’s choice a proper process to be followed in order to render a wise course of action based on the information we received from the client. We subscribe to the philosophy that the solution to the “problem” is in the person who has the “problem,” and our job is to help the answers to unfold and provide options to the client.

In essence, to counsel, or in our vernacular, to COUNSEL is an intuitive sense. We go beyond what others in our business do. We are the difference that makes a difference in our business! As S.E.C. Counselors, we are, and should conduct ourselves, as the model for change, creative insight, learning, enthusiasm, questioning, ideas, imagination, innovation, inspiration, knowledge, leadership, mediums for opportunity and problem solving.

Perhaps, beyond a “name” we exist for a spirit! What’s in our Name? More importantly, What’s in YOUR Name?

Thank you ALL for a great year. See you at the next S.E.C. marketing meeting.

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