The Plan is Working

As the outgoing President of the Society’s Education Foundation, I think it is important to recognize the progress that has been made since forming the Society’s Education Foundation (“EDF”). The major result of the creation of the foundation is that it has permitted the dramatic expansion of quality real estate courses to be presented across the country. This was the primary goal! Progress in this area has grown each year as measured by the number of classes being presented. The number of courses has doubled, or nearly doubled, each year since the formation of the EDF.

While the EDF does not present classes, it does stimulate the presentation of courses by taking all, or most, of the financial risk out of sponsoring a course. This is accomplished with a grant from EDF to the sponsor to cover losses, if losses should occur. Ironically, the majority of the classes actually turn out to be profitable to the sponsor, but would not have been attempted without the assurance of the financial support.

Some of the comments received from students indicate that the courses have had such a profound impact on the student that they were viewed as career-changing events. Powerful words, “career changing.” In many cases, those words also imply life changing. The positive changes brought about in their careers means that the students are now able to provide a better life for their families.

Many of these classes would not have been presented without the financial support of EDF. Further, the creation of some of the classes, and the reintroduction of other important courses, were the result of the encouragement provided by the Foundations’ willingness and ability to support classes nationwide.

Can the Foundation do more? An interesting question to ask yourself is, “Assume that the Foundation had unlimited financial resources; what would you have the Education Foundation do to meet its goals of increasing education in the field of creative real estate?” This question was asked of a group of S.E.C. members and guests recently. The answers covered a broad spectrum of ways to expand the goals and capabilities of the Foundation. Many of the ideas generated from those answers will be pursued in the coming year.

It is possible to do more, a great deal more. However, we need to imagine before we can accomplish. Without the vision of the few who conceived the idea of the Foundation and worked hard to make it a reality, we would not have the capability that we have in the EDF today.

The plan is working!

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