Inside this Issue – San Francisco 2005

This issue balances the warm colors of fall with the cold realities of winter. As the seasons change, they bring changes to our lives: many expected and some unexpected. We refer to those expected or unexpected changes as challenges. With each challenge comes an opportunity.

As we conclude 2005, we should all be looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of 2006. The Observer represents a challenge to the Society of Exchange Counselors, as the Observer is dependent upon the members’ efforts in the submission of articles and their input to create and publish this e-publication. The Observer is also an opportunity for the Society of Exchange Counselors to offer the e-world a glimpse of our creativity, our desire to educate, and our desire to share our knowledge with the world and the real estate community.

In fact, the inaugural edition of the Observer stated that our mission is:

  • To pass on our knowledge
  • To teach
  • To inform
  • To share our experiences
  • To spread the message of the Society of the Exchange Counselors
  • And to communicate the Society’s philosophy that “Real Estate is a People Business…”

To further the mission of the Observer, this issue will identify the due diligence required to buy existing note; how to originate short term notes; explore the expectations of the small investor; and offer articles from the past that prove that while everything changes, everything is still the same!

Enjoy this issue, and as always, we welcome your input, your articles, and your knowledge.

Mark A. Johnson
2005 Observer Editor

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