Counseling Your Clients

Ted J. Blank, S.E.C., CCIM

Ted Blank, S.E.C., CCIM, continues to travel around the country teaching “High Touch Real Estate in a High Tech World – Counseling Your Clients.” Ted has recently presented his course in Indianapolis, Tulsa, Kansas City, and on a cruise to Alaska!

Ted’s course is designed to teach you how to clearly identify your client’s situation; how to distinguish between you clients’ needs and wants; how to ask, listen and understand the client, and much more!

What attendees have said:

  • “This course helped open my mind and I think it will help me add value to my clients” Craig, OR
  • “Great insight into the mind, motives, and benefits of client counseling”–Roger, OH
  • “The best continuing education course I’ve taken in years”–Steve, NY
  • “This course is appropriate for every licensee, from beginner to experienced, commercial or residential”- Bev, 35 years experience, VT

Contact Ted Blank, if you would be interested in sponsoring a course in your area.

Visit and click on the Upcoming Events menu tab, then click the calendar for future confirmed dates and locations.

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