We Are What We Learn

The importance of education cannot be overstated. To a great extent, our professional practice and ultimately our business success is defined by what we learn and how we learn to use that information.

In order for anyone to think through a significant problem, one needs the vocabulary to form the necessary thoughts. How can anyone resolve a problem in, say, quantum physics without a through knowledge of the vocabulary and concepts of that discipline?

In a similar manner, our ability to conceptualize solutions to real estate challenges is limited by our level of expertise in real estate formulas and tax laws. For real estate problem solvers, the vast array of creative formulas becomes our “vocabulary” to find viable solutions.

For the great majority of us, working with and developing long-term clients is a skill that must be learned. The single most important aspect of developing a strong client base is client counseling. Developing the art of counseling is a lifetime pursuit and was explored in some detail in my article in the last issue.

It is possible that the Society’s unique method of broker-to-broker marketing can be learned by attending meeting, after meeting, after meeting. However, those skills can be developed much more rapidly and more effectively by attending an excellent course in marketing.

You may be able to learn on your own how to build your estate. Many successful people have done so. However, the majority of successful people attribute their success to mentors and others who have helped them along their path to success. They will tell you that learning what not to do is just as important as the rest. The S.E.C. Education Foundation approved classes in estate building are being offered by those who are very successful in our business, those who have “been there and done that,” and who are willing to share freely their right moves, as well as the mistakes they have made along the way.

The Society’s Education Foundation promotes and assists in the presentation of educational programs that will provide you with the tools of success. May I suggest that you start today to take the steps to further your career by seeking out the quality education offered through the S.E.C. Education Foundation.

Please go to http://www.secedfoundation.com/ for available courses and instructors.

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