Still Learning After All These Years

I have the privilege of serving as this year’s President of the S.E.C. Education Foundation. It has become a tradition for each year’s president to include a message to the readers of the S.E.C. Observer about our Society’s long standing tradition of providing unique and high quality real estate education programs that reflect our philosophy that “Real Estate is a People Business.”

In thinking of the importance of real estate education in my life, I reflected on the courses and instructors who added confidence to the way I do business and have contributed in no small measure to my family’s well being. Two in particular stand out as having most influenced my career; Chuck Chatham and Royce Ringsdorf.

I wrote an article for this issue of the Observer about how these two gentlemen taught me client counseling which forever changed my life. Today, the S.E.C. Education Foundation provides you the opportunity to obtain the ideas and education that may help you develop your own unique style and change your life.

I encourage you to take advantage of the courses now offered by the S.E.C. Education Foundation. Like me, I hope that you are still learning.

Visit the S.E.C. Education Foundation web site,, for a listing of courses and instructors and for the latest schedule of S.E.C. Education Programs throughout the nation.

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