Invest in the West – Montana Beckons

Astute investors are those who see the trend before others know what to look for…and astute investors know now is the time to begin thinking about Montana as a place to invest!

Just look at this recent article:

Bozeman was recently in the bidding along with 573 other Micro economies vying for the title to be ranked the best of the Micro communities in the U.S. that have the most vibrant economies, quality of life and probability of surviving a crash. A private and independent firm did this study. The corporation used a formula relying on 23 factors and looked at data from the past 20 years to come up with the ranking. As you will see, Bozeman received number one in the Northwest and beat out hundreds of other Micro cities for ninth in the Nation. From what we see happening in the World and bigger Metropolitan areas of the U.S., it would appear that our area of Montana will continue to flourish. Our economy continues to grow. We have dozens of jet flights in and out every day. We have 3 major ski areas within minutes, as well as Yellowstone Park. And, the hiking, fishing and hunting are the best.

In a more recent article, American Cities Business Journals once again put Bozeman in the National spotlight for being ranked as the number one city in the U.S. with a population under 100,000 for small business market.

Bozeman is a “high-amenity area,” that provides recreation, scenery and opportunities for businesses to succeed, ACBJ said in an article that will run in business journals nationwide.

To further support our appreciating land values, our office has been doing a survey to track “vacant land” appreciation in our area of Montana from 1989 to 2005. It is quite phenomenal to say the least. The Average Annual Fair Market Value Increase indicated for land is as follows:

Average Annual Fair Market Value Increase (AAFMVI) over the last 16 years (Non-Compounded):

  • One Acre Lots: 33% + AAFMVI
  • Five Acre Lots: 39% + AAFMVI
  • Ten Acre Lots: 42% + AAFMVI
  • Twenty Acre Lots: 46% + AAFMVI
  • 40-160 Acres: 43% + AAFMVI

IMPORTANT: The sales used in this study had some higher and some lower per acre sale prices in any given year. We used those sales to estimate a number that we feel most fairly represents the average sales price per acre from those years studied. This study is for information purposes only and should not be used as a basis for your investment decisions.

One might ask: Is there any more room for appreciation? Look to the South a few miles, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the answer. We are selling land along the river in our area for $12,000 to $30,000 per acre in large acreages. Jackson Hole is selling the same type product at over $100,000 per acre. It is said that the prices in Jackson continue to climb.

Montana is happening now…. and it’s 56 degrees “above zero” today!

Time to invest in the west? Montana beckons….

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