Inside this Issue – Spring 2005

The March Issue of the S.E.C. Observer continues to open the window of the S.E.C. world to the electronic world and the real estate industry.

In this issue, we highlight the great West, and in particular Bozeman, Montana. Our goal is to enlighten the real estate professional and investors alike about the strong market across the nation.

The articles in this Observer will review the capital markets, details the use of your time versus the energy you expend to accomplish your goals; we detail the second stage of land development; and Bill Warr reminds us that education is important to our personal growth as a professional. In addition, we provide articles dealing with Real Estate Investment Trusts, a favorite formula, and a review of a leader’s life: Jim Crowley, the 2004 S.E.C. Counselor of the Year. Even the professionals and the famous take the time to have fun with words. We hope that you take the time to enjoy and have fun with the Observer.

We encourage your input and would welcome the submittal of an article or fact that you think we would find interesting.


Mark A. Johnson
2005 Observer Editor

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