Perfect Balance: a Thought on the Business of Life

Once upon a time…in a place far, far away…I was a student of the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophy where one calls upon the oracles for guidance and understanding when faced with life’s challenges. I was fascinated by the Chinese principles of Ying and Yang, which represent certain natural forces at work in the universe and the two fundamental principles of life; that logic and reason always prevail and that balance in one’s life is possible.

Now, I know what you are thinking…what does any of this have to do with the real estate business? Well, here’s a thought to consider:

Have you ever spent any time thinking of reinventing your business? When was the last time you thought about life’s rhythms and how important it is to find that certain balance between the grind of life’s daily business challenges and the opportunities out there waiting to be found?

After all, isn’t that why we do what we do when we invest in or develop real estate? Don’t we try to find a balance between the art of deal making, making money to feed the beast, the long-term objective of building our personal estate and living a good life along the way? Are we not all looking for the same thing…. something to do every day that is a productive use of our time, involves people with whom we enjoy doing business, is intellectually challenging and is ultimately a profitable venture?

Then again, maybe looking for balance in one’s life is sort of like enjoying Bombay Sapphire martinis in fancy watering holes, frosty cold Margarita’s in beachfront Cantina’s, and the music of both Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffet. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t make any difference. You see, if your life’s journey ends and you can “slide into home plate, totally used up, worn out and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow, what a ride,'” you’ll have had it all along…. Perfect Balance!

Editor’s Note: Phil Corso, S.E.C. teaches several real estate education seminars nationwide including a two-day program entitled “Broker Estate Building.” The program is focused on the theme that each of us in the real estate business is ultimately “Our Own Best Client…”. For additional information, visit the S.E.C. Education Foundation web site:

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