It’s a New Year…

The question for the New Year…Can I be a better person and more productive at the same time?

As with most of us in the service industry, I too have struggled with this thought: “what can I do to better my community, improve my relationship with those who can be a positive influence on my life and how do I do this while still being productive in my chosen profession?”

To understand the potential answer, you must first understand the following:

  • What expertise(s) do you possess that can have a positive impact on your community?
    • Define your expertise and match that expertise with the proper organization.
    • Define a specific amount time that you can allocate to that organization and stick to your time allotments
    • Track your efforts and results
  • Who are those people who can have a positive influence on your life?
    • Must these people impact the bottom-line?
    • Do all of your friends impact the bottom-line?
    • What is the bottom-line?
    • Financial
    • Spiritual
    • Family
    • Educational
  • Have you written your professional goals? Have you met, achieved, or exceeded those goals within the past year, and how do you remain productive while remaining active in your community?

The real answer may be that you can’t! The reality is that you must understand the impact of time, effort and income (productivity) on your every day life.

The goal of the Observer over this next year is to be a positive influence on your life. A positive experience that justifies the time spent reading each issue. Our hope is that the creative ideas, provocative questions and the potential for earning additional income from reading the Observer will move this mental exercise to the top of your functional analysis.

Unsure what a functional analysis is or how do complete a functional analysis? Make sure you read the March issue of the S.E.C. Observer. I promise it will change your life and how you spend your time.

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