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Inside this Issue – Winter 2005

Welcome to the Winter 2005 Issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer, your picture window into the world of the Society of Exchange Counselors. Now in our 4th year of publication, 2005 will bring some new features to the Observer that we hope you enjoy.

Inside this issue, Society member Dan Roscow reports on trends in the Hartford, Connecticut real estate market, while Harry Kennerk writes about an opportunity for private sector investors to help meet university housing needs in Indiana. This Observer issue also includes a powerful article by guest author Will Jones of San Diego, who writes about his challenges with a conduit loan transaction, and the creative magic of the Society in finding real solutions and opportunities that is a “must read” for everyone in our business.

As always, we’ve included something from the Society’s history files we know you will enjoy. Written by Cliff Weaver in 1973 and entitled: “To Fail or Not To Fail,” the article identifies three categories of property ownership and provides Cliff’s unique perspective on “why you own what you own.”

As Observer Editor this year, I hope to eliminate useless information as best I can. However, I thought everyone should know that it was Oscar Wilde who coined the word “Dude”…a combination of the words duds and attitude. Go figure…

We hope you’ll take some time to read the words and ideas of our members and friends while we have a little fun publishing the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer again this year.

Happy New Year,

Mark A. Johnson
2005 Observer Editor

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