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The S.E.C. Observer’s “Reader’s Forum” is the Society’s community bulletin board for our fellow exchangors and believers in the power of creative real estate.

We invite our readers to write to us about their experiences, creative ideas, transaction case studies, formulas in action, reflections on S.E.C. meetings and comments about each issue of The Observer….

Here are a few comments from our readers we thought you would enjoy…

“Jim Wilson’s, S.E.C., article on Charitable Remainder Trusts was very informative. I have forwarded a copy of it to several friends. Thank you for good information written in a very understandable format.”
– Vicki Yeomans-Klein, S.E.C., Houston, Texas

“Jim Wilson’s article about charitable trusts (CRT) in Volume 3 Issue 3 was a great overview of a very valuable tool for broker’s to help certain investors. It is an especially effective planning tool for seniors who own greatly appreciated real estate, but who no longer wish to own real property. The benefits of the CRT are so overwhelming that it often sounds to them “to be good to be true.” Every client that I have worked on a CRT has had to hear the “CRT story” two or three times from different sources before they are comfortable with all of the benefits the CRT. When working with a client who you think might be a candidate for a CRT, I suggest that they team up with an attorney, financial planner, and/or a well-informed representative of a charity to allow the client to hear the story from several sources. You will very likely need this teamwork to help the client over the believability barrier.”
– Virgil Opfer, S.E.C., San Diego, California

In the last issue, “Ed Berlinski’s “Top 10 Things To Remember When Originating A Short Term Mortgage Loan,” is very sound and makes a solid start for a loan check list. I am now considering making some loans from my pension plan and Ed’s article comes at an opportune time. Thanks!”
– Chet Allen, S.E.C., San Diego, California

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