Money, Capital Markets & Real Estate

The S.E.C. Education Foundation

Proudly presents:

“Money, Capital Markets and Real Estate”

Robert Findling, MBA, CCIM

November 14, 2004, in Irvine, California, Bob Findling will present “Money, Capital Markets, and Real Estate.” Bob has been a Realtor, a Business Broker, and a real estate educator since 1960. He is an experienced exchangor of both businesses and commercial properties. One exchange transaction involved 11 properties in 3 states, Michigan, Indiana and Florida. A strong advocate of business education, he is an accomplished speaker, instructor, book and outline author, lecturer, and has appeared in the Real Estate education programs of more than 40 states and a dozen Universities. Bob is an Economics graduate of St. Joseph’s College, Indiana: The University of Michigan Real estate program, and earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame business school. Bob says: “It’s all about finance!”

This course is intended to teach Realtors how to compete for capital and:

  • How the money system actually works in the US and the world… the Fed.
  • How the currency comes and goes or expanded and contracted.
  • The wild card called OIL… and other commodities.
  • Who cares about currencies? Hard Currency, soft currency.
  • Why the jobs are leaving the U.S., and leaving behind vacant buildings.
  • Why Government interventions in the marketplace, like the minimum wage bring along “unintended consequences” that exacerbate the problem.
  • Real Estate is THE investment that will keep up and ahead… but not all real estate.
  • Understanding the importance of the Yield Curve. Seeing the Y curve in action.

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