Inside this Issue – Autumn 2004

Welcome to the Autumn Issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer, the electronic journal of the Society of Exchange Counselors.

Creating the S.E.C. magic requires an active and warm heart in addition to intellect and talent.

Inside this issue, you will read about the power of collaboration in our national marketing meetings. Collaboration is essential, but not enough.

Inside this issue, you will find inventive ideas on how you can structure a transaction you thought impossible using your facilitator. Creative structuring is vital, but you can not do it alone.

Inside this issue, you will learn about the dynamics of self-directed tax-exempt trusts, the legal implications of sending unsolicited faxes, as well as litigation insurance trends. Technical knowledge is important, yet not sufficient.

Inside this issue, you might be inspired by the good work of the S.E.C. Education Foundation.

Collaboration, creativity, technical know-how, and inspiration, working together result in the S.E.C. magic we call productivity.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer and welcome your comments.

Marilee Anderson, S.E.C.
2004 Editor

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