Creative Real Estate: Then and Now

Foundation President’s Message

This past year the S.E.C. Education Foundation (EDF) supported and promoted multiple educational courses across the United States. The EDF support allowed many of these cities to promote creative real estate education with financial freedom and security. An important part of the education process.

Does that mean that the EDF recklessly abandons all reason and guarantees all education courses regardless of the potential for loss? No, the leadership of the EDF realizes that the investment in time and effort by sponsoring city is only compromised by the potential for loss. That said it is important to know that the EDF will support any and all approved education courses subject to the following guidelines.

  • All Education programs must be approved by the EDF as posted on the EDF website
  • All sponsoring organization must fill out an application for EDF support.
  • The application must include the pertinent information regarding the course and a budget defining the actual costs of the program.
  • The budget must not only outline the costs of the program but must also give a worst case best case scenario.
  • The application is submitted to the EDF Board for approval.
  • The EDF Board reviews the sponsoring city, the primary individuals involved, the proposed budget and the attendance history of the desired course prior to giving EDF approval.

Once the sponsoring city has received the EDF support they are free to market and promote the course to their local groups and the local real estate professionals. The EDF has noticed that many of the successful sponsoring organizations will promote the proposed course to their local marketing groups, the local board of realtors, the regional CCIM chapters and other organized real estate organizations in the area.

While we have a good track record and have proven that the process works. During the history of the EDF we have had to support two sponsoring organizations. More importantly we have educated thousands of attendees and have the vehicle to insure the principles of creative real estate will continue to be taught into the future.

It is your investment and belief in this process that allows the EDF to provide these educational opportunities to cities across the United States and expect the result of an educated real estate professional.

The S.E.C. Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has accepted the education challenge but to do so needs your support. Any donations are tax deductible. For information on sponsoring a course or making a donation please got to

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