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The S.E.C Observer’s “Reader’s Forum” is the Society’s community bulletin board for our fellow exchangors and believers in the power of creative real estate.

We invite our readers to write to us about their experiences, creative ideas, transaction case studies, formulas in action, reflections on S.E.C. meetings and comments about each issue of The Observer….

Here are a few comments from our readers we thought you would enjoy…

Dear Marilee,

I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on two of the articles in the last issue of the S.E.C. Observer.

The first one was the well-written article by Henry Blanton, on the subject of the creation of a “Giant Client.” Knowing Henry, as I do, and knowing his philosophy on business and life, I can appreciate the theme of his article, which essentially begins on the foundation of truly being of service to your client, and the client’s needs which in turn builds the “Giant Client.”

The “Value of Capital” by Virgil Opfer was also well written and complete with full details on this subject. Virgil and his group have certainly proved in their successful experience his subject matter.

Keep up the good work.

Robbie Robinson, S.E.C.

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