Spreading the Good Word

For more than 40 years, the Society of Exchange Counselors has been spreading the “Good Word” about creative real estate throughout the nation. Our Society has been at the forefront of equity marketing and client counseling and that dedication has created the unique broker-to-broker marketplace that we now enjoy.

The underlying philosophy of the Society is that “Real Estate is a People Business.” That strongly held principle drives the engine that has allowed our Society and its members and friends to prosper, in good markets and bad, to meet the investment needs of clients and the business goals of our membership. When we have clients who are well counseled and who understand the principles of equity marketing, we can create better transactions for all concerned.

Over the years we have used a variety of ways to “spread the good word” including attendance at our national invitational meetings, our education programs, as well as various newsletters and publications.

Our online e-journal, the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer is our way of sharing with our readers a variety of perspectives, transaction-making information, as well as observations about the real estate business. The articles that appear in each issue are written by folks like you and me, who are out in the marketplace every day making things happen.

Our steadfast objective as we continue to spread the “Good Word” via the Observer, our meetings, and our education programs is to help our friends and their clients succeed. As President of the Society, I hope that you enjoy each issue of the Observer and, as always, we invite your comments.

Remember, Real Estate is a People Business.

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