Inside this Issue – Summer 2004

Welcome to the Summer Issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer, the electronic journal of the Society of Exchange Counselors.

Communication lets people share their gifts and make connections. Inside this issue, you will find a variety of articles written by S.E.C. members and guest columnists that will give you practical tools, insightful formulas, and inspiring guidance to make your personal and professional lives richer.

As editor, I am deeply gratified by the thoughtful and unselfish giving of those who contribute to the Observer. Through your articles, you capture the essence of the underlying axiom that “real estate is a people business” and help us connect our readers to the Society of Exchange Counselor’s world.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the S.E.C. Real Estate Observer and welcome your comments. Remember…”Thoughts lead to words; words lead to action…” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Marilee Anderson, S.E.C.
2004 Editor

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