Colby Sandlian, S.E.C.


An S.E.C. Biography

Colby B. Sandlian, of Wichita, Kansas, has been in the commercial investment real estate business for a career spanning over 50 years. His real estate career includes activities as a broker and investor/developer involved in all aspects of the real estate brokerage industry, as well as the ownership and development of various investment properties and income producing real estate.

Mr. Sandlian has been a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors since the late 1970’s, and served as its President in 1981. Among S.E.C. members and other real estate professionals, he is best known for his activities as a real estate educator, including the infamous “Broker Estate Building Classes”, wherein a substantial number of real estate professionals were able to learn the elements of “creative real estate” in a practical, efficient format. Mr. Sandlian has taught other seminars in various aspects of creative real estate techniques and development of real estate.

In 1971, Mr. Sandlian developed his first self-storage facility in Wichita, Kansas. As a founding member of the Self-Service Storage Association (SSSA), a national trade organization, he was instrumental in establishing national standards of operations and management training for the self-storage industry. He was an early innovator in the creation of high design standards, security systems, and demographic research for the development of mini-storage projects. The U-Stor mini-storage division of Sandlian Realty and Investments currently comprises over 85 projects in ten states, totaling in excess of two million square feet of self-storage facilities. His activities span the continental United States, with facilities in Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Tennessee, California, Ohio, and Florida. As an investment builder, the U-Stor mini-storage division creates its self-storage projects with the goal of long term cash flow and ownership for its corporate holdings, and those of its investors and partners.

A devout giver of his time and expertise to the S.E.C., Mr. Sandlian has acquired a reputation for honesty, integrity and discipline that is a model for real estate developers, investors and brokers to emulate in their careers.

Mr. Sandlian and Sandlian Realty and Investments is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, which serves as a base for his nationwide activities in the commercial real estate investment and development business.

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