Books on the Counselor’s Nightstand

As members of the Society of Exchange Counselors, creativity is at the forefront of our daily thinking. But, how does creative thinking begin and subsequently become nourished over time?

I see that process as a “Journey of the Mind” which begins and ends with the things we read and experience every day. As our experiences vary by who we are and what we do each day so do the books we read to expand our horizons and keep our creative thinking on the cutting edge.

So, I got curious as to what books were on the nightstand of my fellow Counselors. Below is some information I gathered and thought I would share with Observer readers…

Enjoy your “Journey of the Mind”

S.E.C. Members Books on their nightstand

Marilee Anderson, S.E.C.

  • Real Estate Counselors, Inc

    Chicago, IL and Denver, CO
    Specialty: Investment Real Estate, Exchanges, and
    Business Opportunities

  • Life 2.0: How People Across America
    are Transforming Their Lives by
    Finding the Where of Their Happiness"
    Author: Rich Karlgaard,

    Topic: Forbes Magazine’s "Flying Publisher",
    Karlgaard, barnstorms America collecting real life
    stories about those open to personal innovation."

  • Boomtown USA: The 71/2 Keys to Big Success in
    Small Towns
    Author: Jack Schultz

    Topic: Why some small towns boom while others die.

Leo Goseland, S.E.C.

  • Plaza Real Estate, Inc/ Commercial Division

    Specialty: Educator, Exchanges, Land, Subdivisions

  • The Transparency Edge –
    How Credibility can Make or Break you in Business

    Author: Barbars Pagano

    Topic: Though targeted for the work place of small
    business and corporate giants, the principles apply
    to all of us who work in the business and investment

William "Bill" Richert, S.E.C.

  • How to Finance Any Real Estate…(Any Place,
    Any Time)

    Author: James A. Misko

    Topic: Real Estate financing strategies that work.

    Misko has demonstrated his theories with great
    real world examples.

  • Getting to Yes
    Author: Roger Fisher and William Ury

    Topic: Negotiate anything without giving in.

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