What Was That…?

We have probably all experienced being in a marketing session and finding our minds wander during a presentation. We may have been thinking of another transaction, meeting with other attendees at the break, wondering about our families, where we are having dinner, world events etc.

And then it happened! A simple word or phrase from the podium, and we are again focused.

What did they say? Was it “double your money in a year”? Now you wonder what package they are moderating, what was the equity, many questions have now surfaced in your mind. Now you are interested!

I submit that this scenario happens far more often than we may suspect. As a presenter, the way to counter this natural lapse of attention, is to treat the presentation similar to the way a fisherman fishes. That is, the fisherman first “baits the hook” before he reels anything in. Think of the benefits in your package. Create a short, attention getter sentence, citing the benefits of the package as your opening words. This will get the attention (bait the hook) of the audience, then the natural flow of the moderation will follow up with the details they will now be anxious to hear.

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