Counseling the Broker

Asking Questions…Seeking Solutions

“Counseling the Broker” is a key to an Estate Builder’s success in the acquisition of property and in seeking creative, alternative solutions.

Acting as a principal and working closely with other Brokers will expose you to more property opportunities in the long run. Help them make money and they will help you achieve your objectives.

The Society of Exchange Counselors has compiled the questions below for use when presenting and moderating a package at an S.E.C. marketing meeting, or when working with real estate brokers in any capacity.

Remember, when “Counseling the Broker,” ask questions and listen to the answers!

1. Is your information complete on the property?

2. What do you have in the area of support data?

3. Do you have a back up package on the property?

4. Can you simply define the client’s problem? The Opportunity?

5. Can the client define what he thinks the problem is?

6. Is your client mentally motivated to make a realistic transaction?

7. How many counseling sessions have you had with the client (prior to offering the property to the Market Place)?

8. Have you received the package to see if the problem can be solved with out our help (re-finance)?

9. Does your client think he has a real estate problem?

10. Does your client have geographical limitations? Why? Where?

11. How much actual time have you spent counseling with your client?

12. What is your client’s short-range objective?

13. What is your client’s long-range objective?

14. What do you see your client taking (knowing what he has to offer to acquire it)?

15. What offers has your client turned down? Why?

16. Is your client “Benefit” oriented or money oriented?

17. Have you had any previous transactions with the client?

18. Have you consulted with any professional on this property (Banker, CPA, CPM, Attorney, etc.)?

19. What benefits are you offering my client if he is a taker (on your client’s property?)

20. What type of properties has your client offered into?

21. What type of properties have you offered for on behalf of your client?

22. Does your client have a cash requirement?

23. Explain the type of control you have with your client?

24. Do you feel your client is realistic (and are you) in thinking about your clients WANTS?

25. Would your client “create against” the equity to solve the problem?

26. To solve the problem would your client buy back his property?

27. What made you mentally commit your time, talent and knowledge to solve the problem?

28. What can your client add to this offer?

29. Do you have primary and secondary loan commitments?

30. What do you feel is an easy solution to the problem?

31. Is your client the type that likes to add a little “Blue Sky” to his package?

32. What offers has your client accepted (have these offers spoiled future transactions)?

33. Do you have any % of ownership or hold an interest in the property (Lien Holder)?

34. Is the main problem . . . . . . . . . . PROFIT (Or lack thereof?)

35. What’s really more important to your client (A) Sale, or (B) A Solution?

36. Did you receive any offers on the property and not present them to your client?

37. What is the extent of third party influence? Who?

38. Have you counseled with all vested owners? (And third party influences)?

39. Do you have time committed to follow through on the offers generated?

40. How long will it take for your client to react to an offer?

41. Is your client experienced (sophisticated) in Real Estate Transactions?

42. Is your client the type that would accept unusual terms in a transaction to solve his problem?

43. When you stop to think about it . . . is your client really a “wanter” or a “don’t wanter”?

Editor’s Note: Mark Johnson, S.E.C., CCIM teaches a two-day education program entitled “Broker Estate Building” together with Phil Corso, S.E.C. The program is based upon the original class created and taught by Colby Sandlian, S.E.C. and Cliff Weaver, S.E.C. in the 1970’s and ’80’s. Totally rewritten to reflect the realities of the real estate business today, the program is offered nationwide. For additional information, contact either Phil or Mark or visit the S.E.C. Education Foundation web site:

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